WiFi Range extender 300mbps


Connect to your current home or office WiFi and Extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi signal to remove weak signal areas and Wi-Fi dead zones or to extend network coverage.


This dual band Wi-Fi range extender helps to increase the range of your existing Wi-Fi network to provide you with far greater coverage, this helps to strengthen connections to portable devices while removing weak signal areas or wireless black spots within your house or office.

Using dual band 2.4 GHz 300Mbps wireless AC frequencies the range extender improves the strength and reliability of the connections while maintaining compatibility with all current wireless frequencies. Easy setup, Full instructions provided in the box.

This WiFi repeater connects to your existing WiFi network, And re distributes your existing internet connection in some cases up to doubling the network range reaching far corners of your home or office, different floors, or even extend coverage to your garden.

What can I use the Ethernet port on this range extender for?

The Ethernet port allows the range extender to act as a wireless bridge for connecting devices which have no wireless capabilities. This enables the device to access your wireless network and receive web functionality. These devices could typically be a desktop computer, games console, Mag250 box, media centre or smart television.




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