Revolutionary 1080p HD TV viewing set top box like no other enabling Live TV, Films, Kids TV shows, Documentaries and films in flawless HD, No buffering & Simple to use.

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The MAG250 is a revolutionary internet streaming set top box, Enabling full 1080p HD TV channels, Films, Documentaries, Kids TV channels, Live TV channels, Sports channels, Music, VOD streaming effortlessly without the need of any Ariel’s, Satellites or cable services you simply need an internet connection, Through an Ethernet cable or can be used through Wifi allowing mobile use on any TV around the house or on the move, For a holiday home in a different country, anywhere that an internet connection is present. – An adapter will need to be purchased for use over WiFi.

Complete simplicity with user-friendly interfaces and a general all around quality easy to use system, Works just like any other TV viewing service you would usually encounter with simple numbered channel lists, Film & Channel Categories, Full electronic TV guide and program information. No complicated set ups required, It’s Simply plug and play!

The boxes are able to record programs, Depending on the service used an available feature is automatic 5 day automatic recording for most channels up to 5 days back, For every single program. If you missed coronation street 4 days ago simply go back on the TV guide and watch it at the single click of an OK button.

These boxes require a small monthly subscription, the subscription works the same way as topping up a pay as you go mobile phone, Pay for a month you get a month.. No small prints, Contracts, or Direct debits the payment is usually made securely through PayPal the already minute monthly cost can go down depending on how many months you purchase (3-6-12 months for example). there are many providers out there offering all kinds of channels and content the services can vary massively in quality of channels and available content, we have personally taken the time to sort through hundreds of providers and we can strongly recommend a solid service to save you time when the box has been purchased.

Full support and assistance will be provided.

6 Months Guarantee.

If you have any further questions related to this product feel free to send us a message anytime and we will happily answer any questions.





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