DZ-09 Bluetooth smart watch.


DZ-09 Bluetooth smart watch, For use with nearly all mobile phones.

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DZ-09 Bluetooth smart watch.

The Dz-09 Smart watch is a great little device enabling hands-free use of your mobile phone from your wrist, Can also be used as a stand alone mobile phone by inserting a Micro SIM card the watches are unlocked to any network if being used as a phone.

These smart watches pair to both Android & Ios, Although not all functions are available from IOS (iPhones)

This smart watch Simply pairs with your mobile device through Bluetooth, Once the watch and your mobile phone are connected you will be able to access your phone’s functions through the convenience of your wrist, Mobile contacts, Calls & Texts.

The watch can also support a SIM card, They are unlocked to any network and will work with any Sim card (As long as it’s the right size, Micro) enabling use as a stand alone a mobile phone, Social media apps can be supported; WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter as well as normal phone functions.

If using with iPhone you will only be able to access contacts and Make + receive calls.


  • Long battery life, The smart watches battery will last just as long as your mobile phone’s battery.
  • Hands-free calls & Texts, Social media apps making this a great work place gadget (How many times you been told to get off your watch?)
  • use as a full function Android Mobile phone.
  • Aesthetically pleasing looks.
  • Supports Sd micro memory card – For storage of data and media.

Additional information

Dz-09 Smart watch colour:

Silver & Black, Silver & white, Slate Black


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