720p HD dash camera.


720p Dash camera.



720p Dash camera.

Portable in car DVR HD recorder that allows you to record video or capture images. The screen can rotate up to 270° and the camera has a 120° wide angle lens, there are 6 LEDs for infrared camera and night vision and comes complete with accessories, including an in car charger and rechargeable battery.

You don’t know you need a dash cam until it’s too late and you needed a dash camera.

Dash cameras are becoming ever more popular in motorists vehicles world wide offering a screen of protection in the unfortunate event of an accident, Nobody plans to have an accident but they do happen unfortunately.

The dash cam records on something called a Loop cycle, You can choose the duration of the clip 3-5-7 minutes, Once it has recorded the clip it then moves onto another recording of the set amount of time, It will do so until the memory card is full then replace the first saved clip and work its way through, Hence the term “Loop Cycle” as it’s always recording and the card never fills up unless you wish to save a clip.

Some insurers are also offering discounts for using Dash cameras in your car, The camera could actually pay for its self-several times over in insurance savings alone.


  • Record your car journeys in 720p HD
  • 6 IR sensors for night recording
  • 2.5 inch TFT display
  • Use for recording your journeys and in case of an accident
  • Supports memory cards up to 32GB


Contents included. 

  •  720p Dash Cam
  • Windscreen/Dashboard Mount
  • Car Charger with cable
  • Mini USB cable
  • Battery
  • Instructions


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