MAG250/254 IPTV box review


MAG250/254 IPTV box review.

After owning a MAG250 IPTV box and using it daily for over 2 years, This is an honest first person view of my current experience from discovering this device till now.

I first come across the mag box a few years back when Android boxes and using Kodi was all the craze, As many of you know Kodi offered everything for free, Very temperamental but none the less it was good. We used to sell android boxes and a customer messaged us saying could we help them with their android box they purchased online else where it turned out they accidentally purchased a MAG250 IPTV box thinking it was an android box. The customer suggested we swapped an android box for the mag box as they had no intention of paying a subscription. I did a quick google search couldn’t find that much but I accepted considering the price difference.

mag250/254/256 IPTV subscription.

When I first connected our new Mag box up to the tv I had no idea where to start as there is very minimal content on google and the content available is usually some know it all pub regular who has never even owned the mag250/254/256 box but has strong opinions based on entirely their imagination on forum posts and recommending purchasing something like a Z-Gemma or open box. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

I managed to find several MAG box IPTV subscription providers over Google and Twitter, I purchased one months subscription from a service called “Rapid IPTV” the initial setup was simple once explained by the seller. I had to send the Boxes mac code (Every box has a unique mac code) which they granted me access to their server, Then they sent me something called a portal URL which you simply enter into settings allowing the MAG box to find the IPTV server.

Sample Channel list:

the subscription works the same way as topping up a pay as you go mobile phone, Pay for a month you get a month.. No small prints, Contracts, or Direct debits the payment is usually made securely through PayPal the already minute monthly cost can go down depending on how many months you purchase (3-6-12 months for example).

Initial thoughts.

After the small initial setup, I restarted the box and it loaded up to a new screen which was very visually tidy and simple to use, it had a section for TV channels with various categories: Sports / UK TV/ Films / Kids / documentaries / News, Etc.

Simple channel list layout 1-100 for example with tv guide and a box in the top right-hand corner of the screen to preview the program, The ability to flick through channels. Also has another section called “Videoclub” which had hundreds of films, Series, Documentaries, Kids films all categorized on demand.

Also has another section called “Videoclub” which has hundreds of films, Series, Documentaries, Kids films all categorized on demand.


The content was absolutely fantastic, Having come from using an Android box using KODI which had many add-ons which needed to be regularly updated often did not work or when they did work the quality would be un watchable this was like a cave man discovering fire for the first time, I was excited!

1st week of daily usage.

After using the MAG 250 box for the first 7 days I felt mixed opinions, Rapid IPTV although it’s great for content and the quality was fantastic (1080p HD) during the busy hours of TV viewing it did buffer quite bad which is really frustrating often un watchable.

The mag box is only as good as the IPTV service, If the service is not top quality Smooth and buffer free the box can only play whats is being hosted by the service.

I did not give up hope that easily. 

I got back onto google and twitter and messaged more IPTV providers of which many offered me 24-hour trials of their IPTV service think I tried roughly about 30 different providers the content quality and price varied massively, Some just had a channel list no TV guide, Some were not HD, some did not have Video on demand.

The best Mag 250 subscription.

After searching endlessly for the best IPTV subscription I come across one imparticular (Of which I won’t disclose the name) – It had everything plus more!

We were able to cancel our virgin media TV package that had been creeping up £5 here, £5 there next thing you know it’s an extra £1/200 increase in price per year for not that great of a deal compared to what you could have!

This subscription offers:

  • Full smooth 1080p HD channels.
  • Thousands of channels! – Without going into too many details for legal reasons if it exists you can watch it.
  • Automatic recording for some channels – Up to 5 days catch up on missed programs.
  • Thousands of Films, Documentaries, TV series in HD updated daily! (Extremely new content as well)
  • Full working TV guide.
  • Simple channel list.
  • Realy easy to use, Tried and tested on parents & Grand parents!
  • Costs less than I literally spend on chewing gum per week.
  • NO contract, The subscription works the same as a Pay as you go mobile phone paid via PayPal.

We do not provide the subscription personally, We will give you the details after purchase of the box.

Key points about the MAG 250 box.

  • No Satellite, Ariell, Or cable service required – The Mag box uses an internet connection only can be used over wifi (Wifi adapter needed £4.99) or through Ethernet meaning this box can be used anywhere in the home, Holiday home or on the move, Can be used in any country where there is an internet connection.
  • 1080P HD – Unlike many other boxes that offer similar content the MAG box offers up to full 1080p HD
  • The TV channels you can’t physically get through satellite, Ariel, or cable – The foreign channels for example.
  • Complete simplicity and clean tidy user-friendly experience.

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