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For years and years people have associated “MADE IN CHINA” as cheap, Knock off, Low-quality products.

Which is somewhat accurate for previous years and in most cases true to this day for certain products.

Not in all cases though.

China is the most innovative country in the world, Also known as the factory of the world.

Nearly all of our consumer goods are designed and manufactured in China, The phone or laptop in your hand your currently reading this post on, The chair you’re sitting on, The light bulbs used to light up your house.


Shenzhen china

Shenzhen has risen to become the predominant epicentre of high-tech design and manufacturing in the world. Variously called the “world’s factory,” “the new Silicon Valley,” and the “maker’s dream city,” Shenzhen has a complete ecosystem that contains everything needed for all stages of electronics production all in one place. This has turned the city into a staging ground for large high-tech companies, rising startups, and independent innovators from all over the world. it is estimated that nearly 90% of the worlds Tech is made in china.


shenzhen factory

Historically, “shanzhai” is sometimes used as a metaphor to describe bandits who oppose and evade the corrupted authority to perform deeds they see as justified. One example of such bandits is the story of Outlaws of the Marsh 

The use of “Shanzhai” to refer to imitation products comes from Cantonese slang, in which “shanzhai factory” means an ill-equipped, low-end and family-based factory. However, with the accumulation of profit, quite a few of those factories invest a lot of money to improve their equipment. Some factories also get investment from someone other than family members. Nowadays, a significant portion of Shanzhai factories are no longer ill-equipped or family-based.

Their products are no longer poor-quality. Yet they still can not escape the fate of no-brand (or fake brand) because of previous products manufactured and exported from China.

Many of these factories are run by X managers and workers groups from huge big brand factories (Such as the phone in your hand) taking their knowledge, wisdom, Innovation and ideas to start producing their own products and taken it upon their self to better their lives as they were sick of being treated poorly and living a poor quality of life working in these huge corporate factories.

Supply & Demand.

Without a Demand, there would be no supply.

Although people focus more on brand value than the actual product specs people forget because these products from China have no brand on them and they are sold at reasonable prices that they are inferior to the large names.

As mentioned above, The Generic non-brand products from China are engineered and produced by the same people who also create the big brands only in some cases the non branded goods have higher specs.







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