Install ITV player and other streaming apps fire stick & Fire TV.

amazon fire stick

How to install ITV player (ITV Hub), 4od, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Demand 5 etc on firestick or fire tv.

This post is to provide alternative solutions to installing readily available Major TV network apps that are otherwise as simple as a few clicks of the OK button to install, To save installing replica apps inside of Kodi which are not as reliable, functional or visually pleasing as their predecessors.

The first step we are going to take is on the devices home screen.

  1. Go to the top left of the screen to the magnifying glass icon (search).

Amazon fire stick install apps

2. Search for whatever app you’re after – 4od, ITV HUB, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime tv etc.

A carousel will appear with your requested app and related apps, Click on the app you want.

3. Click “Get” and it will automatically download. (Had to use a separate app already had ITV installed.)

Disney app fire stick

Once installed you will be able to access any installed add-ons from your home screen.

This simple method is a highly effective method and alternative to installing apps to kodi, that doesn’t really need to be installed onto kodi.

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