how to fix ps4 controller analog stick

fix ps4 analog

how to fix ps4 controller analog stick

Lost the ability to use your left or right analog stick on your PS4 controller?  Not being able to run on Call of duty for example.

This guide is a simple 20-second fix that doesn’t require taking the controller apart or any other complications its as simple as breathing (Literally)

Over time my ability to sprint has gradually got worse to the point when i wanted to sprint pressing on the analog would only allow me to spring for a split second followed by a stop when playing cod ww2 online for example when your getting shot at or see a potential kill this can be pretty frustrating.

i was going to buy a new controller as i thought this one was done for as its quite old, But before i purchased one i thought id try and fix this to save my self £44.99

There are many guides and tutorials online advising how to fix the analog stick problem on PlayStation 4 controllers after trying several “Fixes” some worked for a short duration some didn’t make a difference after finding this simple fix and trying it i can personally vouch for this and tell you that it works and is still working several days later.

The fix.

It’s so simple to fix it’s unbelievable, you’re probably not going to believe it.

Simply Lift the analog stick upwards (pull on it) and you will feel it raise, Put your lips in contact with the plastic around the anolog stick making an airtight connection and blow sharp short breaths, do this for 3-4 breaths and that’s it.

And that’s it.

Your DualShock 4 controller should be working good as new.

If you have any input to add to this blog post feel free to leave a comment below, Or if this worked for you a little comment would be appreciated for future readers so they know it’s not a waste of there time.



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  1. I can honestly say this works been bugging me for ages my analog has been intermittently working and this has sorted the problem thanks

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