Anet A8 3D Printer build review.

Anet A8 3D Printer build review.

After seeing numerous videos of 3d printers making cool things on my facebook news feed and on youtube etc curiosity got the better of me and i decided i was going to buy a 3D printer.

I started out by googling “Best cheap 3d printer” – Of which returned many many results from my personal research i found the Anet A8 to be the best value for money printer available.

I purchased my Anet A8 From eBay as that was the best option for me with an average price and fast delivery.

The Build. 

Included Parts

The Anet A8 package contains 3 Styrofoam trays filled with all of the necessary parts to assemble a working 3D Printer. While the included tools are sufficient in most cases, it is preferable to have a sturdy Phillips head (PZ2) screwdriver on hand. It will be used often and the one provided is quite small and uncomfortable to grip and doesn’t match up to the screw heads properly.

Anet A8 Printer review


Paper instructions are not included within the box at first i thought they were missing so i google’d for the instructions and found that they are actually on the Micro SD card included so i put the SD card into the included card reader on my computer and opened up the pdf file and began my build.

The acrylic frame is designed like a puzzle that simply fits together, locked into place using M3 nuts and bolts.

Once the frame is built, installing the electric components such as motors, end stops and boards is almost foolproof. Everything has been labelled well, mounts to the frame and is simply plug and play.

After reading other people spent several hours pealing of the protective paper i left the paper on the acrylic as this did not affect or bother me and it saved me hours.

Anet a8 3D printer

In total it took 4 hours to build the printer I started on a Sunday morning and by dinner time it was built and ready to print.




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